Some may say that traveling solo and slow may be lonely. Terrifying even.

While many thinks they do not want to look like losers for not having any travel buddies solo female travelers wanted to get the life they want without having to adjust to anyone’s time and preferences.

Moreover, the scary thought of getting lost, being robbed, and meeting scammers as you go on the streets of a new place may pull you down and make you shun your dream of travelling.

Recently, I met someone who is traveling solo in the city with her electric scooter. I was really impressed by Cara, the traveler, who always want to see the city through touring alone.  She said she is using her electric scooter from Unu Motors, a gift from her dad from The Netherlands, to travel in the city and in nearby places. She is not afraid of seeing the world and I love and envy her bravery. I wish someday I can also do the same too.  She also highlighted that she wants to travel and leave a nice impact to the environment by using eco-friendly products. I was inspired by her story.

She said that witnessing a spectacular view for the first time gives a kick of melancholy as you also remember people that you want to share the stunning sight with.

But more than the view and the blurred shots, Cara said that travelling is rewarding as meeting people along the way is something you can treasure for a lifetime.

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