UGH! How does this always end up stressing me out every year. How does every year end up like this? I don’t know why I never learned how to buy the right gift for my husband in a way that makes me feel confident! I mean, after he receives the gift, he is almost always really enjoyed it and I can tell that he is being sincere in his appreciation. That makes me feel grateful, the fact that he can feel so grateful for something I’ve done for him for something as important as his birthday. Say what you want about birthdays, but they only happen once a year, and we all know how special we feel when our birthday is a special events and we love the gifts that we receive.

That is why I care so much, it’s not because I’m very commercial or something, it’s just because it is a way to show how much I love and appreciate the man that I love and appreciate so much! So, what do I do? Do I just do the usual thing? That’s what I’ve been thinking, and I have even spent a lot of time on a website called Survival Cooking that tells me all about cooking and camping supplies. Things like tents and tarps and stuff like that. Barbecues and coolers. I could buy him a really nice cooler, but where would be the heart and that? If he needs a really nice cooler, wouldn’t he just have bought it himself? So what about a watch? I’ve been thinking about a watch. I was e not literally! I’m talking about classy old school watches. I think he would love one. I think it would shock him because he’s never gotten an accessory like that before, but I think it would be very good for his repertoire. There are some amazing watches– been looking at the best watches under 500!

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