So yes, some people still tell me, or ask me, is Amazon Prime Canada worth it, and they do it in this really smug way. They do it because they don’t think that I’m is on Prime Canada is worth it, and they’re basically working on misinformation and previous opinions that are no longer valid. Yes, there was a time about a year ago when Amazon Prime Canada, didn’t seem like it was worth it. But that wasn’t because of value, that was just a reactionary belief due to how Amazon Prime Canada exist in the United States of America rather than the way that it existed in Canada at the time, the way that it existed in Canada at the time was just that you didn’t have quite as many features as you did when you were in the United States, but it was basically the same amount of money. Obviously, for Canadians, because we do have a very complex, although generally supportive relationship with the United States of America, we are still going to be offended and upset when they are getting more than we are, for basically the same price. And it used to be like that with Amazon Prime Canada. It really did.

Well, of course Amazon Prime Canada has a mended that, which you may be surprised to learn, since so many people continue to hold it against Amazon Prime Canada. Still kind of even without that, Amazon Prime Canada has all sorts of interesting features.

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