I am a huge proponent of Juju supply. I used to be skeptical that something as simple as a crystal, charm, and amulet, or anything like that, could actually create this type of change, until I begin to experience it for myself and speak to others about it as well. Honestly, I have given these types of gifts to almost every type of person I know, but especially people who are suffering from anything like cancer, or anybody who is going through some type of uneven face, whether they’re dealing with other health struggles, expecting to be a mother and going through their pregnancy, or just traveling the world with an element of uncertainty in their day-to-day life, and, sometimes, I love to give these gifts of protection to people who aren’t on any great journey in an obvious way, but are just worrying and filled with anxiety regarding the everyday happenings that occur in our lives. Personally, I don’t see how to do this for another person in any way other than buying them one of these Juju Supply amulets, whether that’s in the form of a bracelet, a ring, a necklace, and independent charm, or anything like that. It might be made from Sterling, gold, or any other type of stone or braids or Rock.

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