Here is what I’ve got to say on modern Photography; I think it would be tragic if somebody wanted to be a photographer in the only thing holding them back was the lack of equipment and resources. In my opinion, the idea of being a photographer is daunting for many who picture the gear that most professional photographers have. In my opinion, if you learn on your mobile device or cell phone or something less expensive, and find your way of approaching the work, that should be enough to let you know if it’s worth investing in more. But, as I said, not everybody needs to invest in more. Now, a lot of Photography purists will say that this point of you is not valuable. A lot of them will be upset that I am suggesting that you don’t need a lot of gear, and that you can be a professional photographer with only if cell phone. Hand, maybe that’s an oversimplification, and maybe I am overstating the value of these. But, I don’t think so. I think that it is possible that eventually more gear will be needed, but I do know that, at this point in time in history, amazing photos are being taken with mobile devices every day, and a lot of people are benefiting from this new technology in the way it has spread. I love photography, I love photography apps and filters, and I think that spreading this knowledge to the masses and allowing everybody to partake is absolutely a great way to promote creativity and communities, and improve people’s standards of living. Now, do I actually think that a photo taken on a cell phone or a mobile device can be as good as one taken on something like a DSLR? I really do. But, that’s just my perspective.

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